IRDH (International Research and Development for Human Beings) is a research institution and development in disciplines by featuring a commitment to spread knowledge universally in the field of social and non-social (exact science) for human being. By neglecting differences of nations, religions, skin colors, languages, tribes, and social status, it is projecting to create advanced civilization of “Shining Star of Human’s Affection” which is under-lied by the sublime knowledge.

Since 2002, IRDH was pioneered by the establishment of Youth Leadership Center (YLC) in 2001, Children Leadership School (CLS) in 2002 and School of International Programs (SIP) in 2008. These three educational institutions had been helping 25.000 students of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities and also school’s teachers and civil society in Indonesia in various fields of knowledge (since 2002-2011). During their beginning contribution, those institutions were supervised and licensed by regional Government’s Education Department and had been providing informal education.

On January 17th 2012, we established IRDH, a formal research education institution which has crossed the boundaries of relation with some universities, organizations and non-states organizations, nationwide government and across nations as well. By focusing on the research and formal education, IRDH tries to eliminate primordial boundaries and tries to realize the leading purpose that is to help and to give educational contributions, not only locally or regionally area, but also internationally. It is a long-winding road and a tough way that need to be traversed by IRDH; to establish free Educational Institution for orphans, children who are victimized by war aftermath, natural disaster victims, and the other victims of tyranny or any unwanted catastrophes. Those who are accepted and educated are those who have willingness to study. The future plan is to establish International University in which the students are the teenager of war victims, low-economy, and orphans. However, they have to generate passion and capability to continue their study in the Bachelor, Master and PhD degree through this institution.

Last but not least, the founder and owner of this institution is Cakti Indra Gunawan, SE., MM., PhD who has been experienced as a lecturer in several colleges and universities in Indonesia since 1999 and has created some scientific works in the national and international degree and presenting many international papers. This institution has been supported by his mother, Sri Redjeki and his father, M i n o, his colleagues, and even his big families who has the intention to realize the magnificent purpose for human beings.