GRAND PLANNING, 2012 – 2050

1. To publish books and to cooperate with companies/corporations/government around the world and to be distributed to more than 3.000 universities, states, non-states organization, and international organization around the world.
2. To administer training, seminar and the other scientific activities related with knowledge and project which is run by IRDH.

1. To publish the book of “Star Theory (New Management in Measuring Working Productivity and Happiness)” and to cooperate with companies/corporations/government and it will be given to all countries of United Nations (UN) members, and 10.000 universities/colleges around the world.
2. To present international scientific works competition for young scientists in the field of social-humanitarian.

1. To establish first step of establishing international free educational institution (1 year program) for young generations who are children from low-economy families, children with disabilities, orphans, war victims. They have to meet IRDH’s eligibilities criteria, take admission test, and sucsessfully be shortlisted as the IRDH’s scholarship awardees.
2. To prepare the School Center/free education for the candidate of migrant workers around the world. It provides education in the field of expanding language and competence in adapting cross-cultural understading before going abroad. IRDH is going to provide knowledge and assistance in term of business and micro economics, agriculture, fishery which is adapted to migrant’s hometown (after migration).
3. IRDH will provide educational model for children and teenagers based on star theory to improve the productivity in general.

2016 – 2020
1. Establishment and expanding the training center of Star Theory in the Southeast Asia.
2. To prepare The International Star University for youngster around the world who are economically poor, war victims, orphan, physical disorder children, and they who pass the selection.

2021 – 2050
1. To establish consultancy center and research assist for the country which encounter social and humanitarian problem.
2. The expanding of star theory application to improve working productivity and livelihood based on conscience in company, school, government, and the other organization around the world. This program will be manifested through training, consulting, researching, and transferring of knowledge for the next generation.
3. To strengthen and to improve the quality of the International Star University in every field of knowledge. This education is projected to Bachelor, Master and PhD degree. It is specialized for children who are low-economy, but they have passion to contribute their knowledge for human being and bring beneficial for the world. This university also accepts commoners who can pass the qualification test and staffs from every institution around the world to be trained and to join with our levels of education.
4. To create regeneration with the measurement of star productivity which never stop to realize the establishment of civilization of human’s grace and spirit of scholarship.

2050 – …………….
1. To treat and to maintain the spirit of scholarship by always evaluating working productivity of the successor. Therefore, the spirit to establish the civilization of scholarship and human’s grace without considering the differences of nation, religion, tribes, language, groups, and social status can still exist.