This institution has a symbol with the written form of IRDH and yellow star above the letter of “I” (International) and there is also the written form of “Research” on top. Green is the basic color of this symbol which shows serenity, peace, and bliss which can be obtained as IRDH contributes some beneficial for human being, particularly for them who need educational aids or stipend.

The written form of “Research” symbolizes that IRDH constantly focuses on the research, independency, and there is no indulgence any political parties and other particular groups. We are exploring on knowledge and education in universal.

The symbol of black bordered star shows that star is the heart and spirit of scholarship which shines and enlightens the third millennium which is mostly filled by terrorism, war, natural disaster that victimize the innocents. The color of blue symbolizes the depth of knowledge, loftiness, and modest to achieve God’s blessing and consent by always be showing total surrender and sicerity to Him in struggling for human’s sake from one generation to the next generation.