Commissaries :
(He is an ex the Head of the Indonesian government official in the Finance Ministry and also donor and commissar of CLS, YLC and SIP since 2002)

Sri Redjeki
(She is an entrepreneur, also a donor and commissar of CLS, YLC and SIP since 2002)

Director :
Cakti Indra Gunawan, SE., MM., PhD
(He is an inventor of Star Productivity theory, lecturers in many universities, taking PhD program in the University of New England and founder and owner of CLS, YLC and SIP)

Secretary :
Bakti Rindra Handayani, SE
(She is ex secretary in the House of Zakat office for helping poor people in Indonesia and she likes working in the educational and social humanity. She is graduated from Economics Faculty University of Jenderal Soedirman, Indonesia. She worked with YLC and SIP since 2005)

Treasurer :
Sri Mustikaningsih, SE., Ak
(She has experienced in banking and financial management, She is graduated from Brawijaya University, Indonesia. She has also an owner in one of the private bank in Central Java. She likes working to help poor people)

Member Board :
Zifirdaus Adnan, BA., MA., Ph.D
(Senior lecturer in the University of New England, University of Griffith and the University of New South Wales; visiting scholars in some universities in USA, Indonesia and Europe and he is also the convenor of Indonesian study. His likes helping poor people with his research. For instance in 2009-2012 his research about understanding and giving some problems of terrorism, supported by Australian Research Council and other donors. He already supported SIP and YLC since 2008 and gave lecturing to all teachers and staffs of YLC and SIP in 2010)

Research Staff :
1. Qurrotul A’yuni, S.Sos.
(She likes working in research areas. She is graduated from Faculty of Social and Politic, University of Jenderal Soedirman, Indonesia with the predicate of Cum laude (Honor), she is also assistance lecturer in her university. Now is taking Master degree in Public Administration with the support from the donor of Ministry of National Education of Republic Indonesia).

2. Sri Purhayati
(She likes working in research and teaching areas. Now she is doing her thesis in the English teaching area. She is also a teacher in the English Bright, YLC and SIP).

3. Agung Prasetyo
(He likes working for poor people, especially in education area. More than 4 years, he works in the rural area and doing some research, especially in the social and humanity area. He is a teacher in English Bright and also in CLS and YLC).

Editing Staff :
1. Budi Asih, S.S
(She is graduated from University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta, with English major. Now, she is a director of English Bright. She likes working and helping poor children and orphan. She is also worked in YLC since 2007-2011)

2. Unggul Satrio B, SS .
(He is graduated from English Departement, University of Jenderal Soedirman with cum laude (honor). He likes doing some researches and editing many researches (he is also edited some researches of IRDH’s director’. He will continue his Master Degree in Australia next year with supporting from forthcoming scholarship (still in the process). He is very serious to contribute his knowledge, especially for higher education for poor people in his long life. He is also operational director in the export import enterprise in Indonesia since last year).

Law Staff/Lawyer :
Nur Iswanto, S.H. M.Hum
(He is graduated from University in Jogjakarta (bachelor and Master degree in Law). He has experiences to be lawyer more than 20 years in Jogjakarta. He likes helping poor people and support IRDH much. He also already got some course in USA and other countries with famous lawyer in Indonesia).

Marketing Staff :
Budi Candra Dharmawan, SP., M.Si
(He is graduated from University of Gadjah Mada. His bachelor in the Fishery Department and Master Degree in Marketing Management. He is also director of Brandiest and supporter and consultant management of CLS and YLC since 2004. He likes working in education area and helping many poor people).

Publishing :
Sigit Praja Himawan, SE
(He is graduated from Economics faculty, Unviersity of Jenderal Soedirman. He has a lot of experiences in the marketing area and also motivator of workers. He likes helping many people especially for supporting education of poor people)

Accoutrements Staff :
1. Edi Aryanto
(He is a director and founder of Padi Transports that serves may kind of events, such as preparing and providing transportation for Bali meeting in 2011, President SBY invitation in central of Java in 2012, and other international events. He is also ex the manager of House for helping poor people in Indonesia with his office branch in Surabaya. Now he is taking a degree in the University in Central Java with focusing on transport management)

2. Sukro Hayanto
(He is a manager of “Palang Merah Indonesia” /Indonesian Red Cross in Purwokerto. And he is also active in helping poor people trough the program of LMD (Village Society Institutions) with focusing helping poor people in the remote areas. He is also taking degree in poultry subject in the university in Central Java)